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During the 33+ Years full time serving Alameda County buyers and Sellers 

 I am not the type of agent who will hound you to sell.  I feel your time and your decision is yours to make and extra pressure you do not want.  It is not that I don’t need your business or don’t want to work with you I will follow up a few times a year passively by e-mail through the mail and some times over the phone.   If you want me to take charge just tell me, I will outline step by step things to do get your OK and go for it.  

My role is to look at issues creatively often giving several options and guide or advise through challenging and stressful process and decisions that can come up during a move and sale of a home.   Often I think as a land lord and not a property owner in addressing repairs and improvements to your home, feel free to spend more money or choose a better path to invest in things that help the sale of your home.  Being frugal is not always the best tract to get things done, nor produce the best outcome.  I remain flexible in my role as a collaborator, advisor, promotion and marketing specialist to achieve our mutual goal.   I do  take charge and manage all part of the process to its completion and give you  whatever level of involvement you want.  In short I will treat you as I would want to be treated if the roles were reversed. 

Scott Harrison with Sunshine Realty, Work Smart, Diligent to serve you.  I have served Alameda County Clients for over 33 years. 
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Who I am and what to expect from me as a realtor. I will tell you straight and if I seem not sure I will avoid giving a half true or speculate until I have gathered enough information to give you a straight answer. My nature is to keep relationships on a Professional level and it is not my nature to create a warm fuzzy feeling between us to earn your trust through a personal relationship.  I have 5 years of Collage earning a BA in Industrial Arts and decades working experience with property maintenance and management outside being a Realtor  which I became in 1987.   I enjoy solving problems working to overcome challenges and collaborating with others to overcome obstacles.  I strive to get negotiations to go smoothly without stress.  I am detailed oriented but still enjoying stepping back and looking at things through the big picture. 

Who I am not.  I am not a take control and tell you how it is going to be done except when it comes to avoiding legal issues.   I will not get excited and bubble over with complements oos and aha's over your house, a dress or collectibles.  Do not expect small talk or chit chat from me.  It is not that I do not care or do not think things deserve complements it is not my nature.  . 
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