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Buying a mobile home is different from buying a home or condo.  Most Bay Area parks owners require a minimum income of  3 x the $500-1100 space rent plus 3 x the any loan payment to qualify to live in their park.  If you planning to finance a mobile home that is not new or attached to a permanent foundation regular banks and mortgage brokers can not help you because banks treat them as personal property like a car.  The average interest rates on mobile and modular homes is 2-4% higher than a home loan rate. The single wide mobiles especially the older ones are even harder to get loans on. (List of lenders are in the left margin) 
  May Communities have rent control limiting space rent increases.  Building Codes are regulated by the HUD and not by local government thus quite different from your standard house.
  A modular or manufactured homes have been built so that they are often difficult to tell them from a stick built home.  Finding a space in a local mobile home park takes years on a waiting list and most often folks simply buy an old mobile and pull it out so they can put in your new modular home.  When buying this type of homes the parks space rent can very widely with in the same park and some of the newer home can be on the property taxes roles as well.  If you are placing a new Manufactured home on a lot of land it must be attached to a permanent foundation to get ordinary bank financing.  
  Renting a modular or mobile home in a bay area is seldom allowed by park management.  Owner is expected to live in the home.  An example a daughter wants to buy a mobile home for her mom would not be allowed in most parks because the daughter does not live there.
  Also there are two kinds of parks, one designated for Senior and the other known as Family.  The Family parks accept occupants of all ages and the senior parks only allow ownership by persons over 55 years old and seldom occupants under 18 years old. 
  See the links below for regulations, forms, building standards and installation tips. 

Since mid-1976, all manufactured homes have been constructed to meet the federal building standards adopted and administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. This national code is called the National Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards. The code regulates manufactured home design and construction, strength and durability, fire resistance, and energy efficiency. It also prescribes the performance standards for the heating, plumbing, air conditioning, thermal, and electrical systems. 

Find a community from the California State Listing of Manufactured Housing Communities

How to protect Mobile and Modular homes in case of an Earthquake 

If you would like to see photos of mobiles and Mobile parks in the East Bay Area go to this page

California Mobile home rent control exists for All of Alameda County.  
Information on the Rent Control Ordinance.  

The Manufactured Housing Program is a national HUD program established to protect the health and safety of the owners of manufactured (mobile) homes. (Department  Housing and Urban Development)

Locate forms from the State of California Manufactured home form index.

Office of the Mobile home Ombudsman is a complaint processing Office that primarily assists the public with questions or problems associated with the various aspects of manufactured home living. 
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California Mobile / Modular Home Lenders

Mobile Brokers               800-305-2014
Murphy Bank  "John"      559-225-0318

Santiago Financial          800-232-3908
Bank of the West            510-791-0763
California Bank and Trust 510-785-6100
Dell  Loans                      916-962-7128
Dave Shanklin                 916 256-2466

Are you a Veteran honorably discharged  who served a minimum 90 days of active duty?  A CalVet Loan Mobile home loan may be your best option.  Requires 3% down with Must not be on rented land and other restrictions.  Call 866- 653-2510 - Toll Free

Looking to place a new modular home in a rural area?  This government program offering up to 100% financing through the USDA Rural Development programs designed to assist low income single family and modular new home purchases on permanent foundations. 

Mobile and Modular Home Insurance Agents
Farmers Insurance  510-317-7706
Ca. Southwest    800-992-6966
East County        925-757-4208
Ray Hudson        408-977-1622
Weible                 800-653-5565
Foremost insurance 800-532 4221

 Manufactured Homes - They are Not Tin Cans on Wheels - These Factory-built homes have suffered an image problem, but experts say they've become good investments. The one hurdle that remains is competitive financing.
Below is a list California Bay Area mobile home parks
 sorted by phone area code  Red = Family or 
Red S Senior only parks

510 area code
A Street Trailer Park 280 W A St Hayward, CA (510) 785-9313 
A US RV Park 2860 Castro Valley Blvd, Castro Valley, Ca  510-53-85147 F
Alpine Mobile Park 1824 21st St # 17 San Pablo, CA (510) 235-5287 
Alvarado Mobile Home Park 13717 San Pablo Ave # 48 San Pablo, CA (510) 236-8040 
Audiss RV Park 5828 El Dorado Ave # 10 El Cerrito, CA (510) 525-3435 
Bal Trailer Court 14831 Bancroft Ave # 20-B San Leandro, CA (510) 352-8152 
Besaro Mobile Home Park  4141 Deep Creek Fremont 510 792 9797 S
Central Park West  Union City 510 471-4455 
Chetwood Crest  3912 Castro Valley Blvd Castro Valley Ca 94546  610-538-7696 F
Colonial Acres 17754 Meekland Ave Hayward Ca 94541 278-6008 F
Contental Mobile Home Park 28606 Huntwood Ave, Hayward 510 783 0150 F
Circle S Mobile Home Park 13613 San Pablo Ave San Pablo, CA (510) 237-1311 
Crawford's Trailer Park 1545 105th Ave Oakland, CA (510) 562-7009 
Del Rio Mobile Home Park 1550 162nd Ave San Leandro, CA (510) 481-1009 
Eden Gardens Estates 1150 W Winton Ave Hayward, CA (510) 783-4433 
Eden Roc  28389 Bradshire Rd. Hayward 510 782 9721 F
Frontier Mobile Home Sales 2990 San Pablo Dam Rd El Sobrante, CA (510) 223-3410 
Georga Manor 1419 Buckingham Way, Hayward Ca 94544 510-785-2212 S
Gerken's Mobile Home Court 2425 Church Ln San Pablo, CA (510) 234-2230 
Hacienda Mobile Home Park 1153 Rumrill Blvd San Pablo, CA (510) 235-8644 
Hayward Mobile Country Club 1200 W Winton Ave Hayward, CA (510) 783-9500  S
Hesperian Trailer Park 15263 Hesperian Blvd # 57 San Leandro, CA (510) 895-9907 
Hidden Trailer Park 651 W A St # 29 Hayward, CA (510) 783-3393 
Idle Wheels 13900 San Pablo Ave San Pablo, CA (510) 232-6939 
Kimball's Mobile Home Park 2451 Church Ln San Pablo, CA (510) 232-0143
Mc Arthur-High Trailer Park 3521 High Street, Oakland, CA 510 530-1404
Mission Bay 15333 Wicks Blvd San Leandro, CA (510) 352-4433 S
New England Village Hayward  510 785 4511 
Niles Canyon Mobile Home Park  711 Old Ccnyon RD Fremont 510 792 7303  S
Paradise Trailer Court 16115 E 14th St # 2 San Leandro, CA (510) 276-4838 
Pines Trailer Park in Cottages 1422 168th Ave San Leandro, CA (510) 276-8455 
Pleasanton Mobile Home Park 4202 Stanley Blvd Pleasanton, Ca 925-484-4884 
Pueblo Springs 27930 Pueblo Spgs Hayward, CA (510) 786-2791 F
Richmond Trailer Park 1411 Rumrill Blvd San Pablo, CA (510) 233-9191 
Salel Mobile Home Court 747 Lewelling Blvd San Leandro, CA (510) 351-8363 
San Leandro Court 2470 Washington Ave San Leandro, CA (510) 614-5875 
Sandev Mobile Home in RV 2100 Lewelling Blvd San Leandro, CA (510) 352-1334 F
SHADY HAVENS R.V.PARK 19150 Hesperian BLVD  Hayward CA. 94541
Sobrante Mobilodge 4556 Appian Way # 1 El Sobrante, CA (510) 223-0969 
Southlake Mobile Home Park Fremont 510 651 0990  F
Spanish Ranch I  28400 Granada Circle, Hayward 510 783 5535 F
SPANISH RANCH II 121 Ranchero Way, Hayward 510 886 4646 S
Trailer Haven 2399 East 14th Street, #4, San Leandro -Ca (510) 357-3235. F
Tara Hills Mobile Manor 16401 San Pablo Ave San Pablo, CA (510) 724-5480 
The Tropics 33000 Almaden Blvd  Union City  510 471 8550  
Wagon Wheel Mobile Home Park 3875 Castro Valley Blvd 510-537-4493
650 Area Code
Bayshore Trailer Court 133 Fairchild Drive, Mountain View, CA 650 965-0775
Belmont Trailer Park 100 Harbor Blvd Belmont, CA (650) 592-0561
El Granada Mobile Home Park 164 Culebra Ln Moss Beach, CA (650) 728-3389 
Fransiscan Mobile Country Club 700 Hoffman St Daly City, CA (650) 755-3483 
Golden Gate Trailer Park 7311 Mission St # D Daly City, CA (650) 994-6758 
Harbor Village Mobile Home Pk 3015 E Bayshore Rd Redwood City, CA (650) 366-2471 
Hilltop Mobile Home Park 249 San Mateo Rd Half Moon Bay, CA (650) 726-4140 
Le Mar Trailer Park 1933 E Bayshore Rd Redwood City, CA (650) 363-2589 
Meadowbrook Mobile Home Manor 7880 El Camino Real Daly City, CA (650) 756-2043
Moorpark Mobile Homes 501 Moorpark Way, Mountain View, CA 650 968-4358
New Frontier Mobile Home Park  325 Sylvan Avenue, Mountain View, CA 650 967-1725 
Palo Alto Mobile Estates 1885 E  Bayshore Rd East Palo Alto Ca  650 322-5877
Pacific Skies Estates 1300 Palmetto Ave Pacifica, CA (650) 355-4001 
Red Arrow Trailer Court 1340 El Camino Real # 17 South San Francisco, CA (650) 588-0950 
Redwood Mobile Estates 2053 E Bayshore Rd Redwood City, CA (650) 365-3133 
Redwood Trailer Village 855 Barron Ave # B5 Redwood City, CA (650) 369-1640 
R C Mobilehome Park 1903 E Bayshore Rd Redwood City, CA (650) 364-3262 
Sahara Mobile Village  191 East El Camino Real, Mountain View, CA 650 968-7891
Santiago Villa 1075 Space Park Way, Mountain View, CA 650 969-0102
Sequoia Trailer Park 730 Barron Ave # 82 Redwood City, CA (650) 366-0608 
Sunset Estates Mobile Home Park  433 Sylvan Avenue, Mountain View, CA 650 968-2222
T L Mobile Home Park  440 Moffett Boulevard, Mountain View, CA  650 968-4848
Trailer Rancho 3499 E Bayshore Rd Redwood City, CA (650) 368-1587 
Trailer Villa 3401 E Bayshore Rd Redwood City, CA (650) 366-7880 
Treasure Island Trailer Ct 1700 El Camino Real South San Francisco, CA (650) 755-2551 
West Coast Mobile Home Parks 1001 Airport Blvd South San Francisco, CA (650) 589-8757
707 Area Code
Carquinez Highlands Mobile 150 Seaport Dr Vallejo, CA (707) 644-7757 
Lemon Tree Trailer Park 1750 Lemon St Vallejo, CA (707) 552-9787 
Rancho Benicia 300 E H St Benicia, CA (707) 745-4673 
Rancho Rio Trailer Court  770 West K Street, Benicia, CA 707 745-0719
Tradewinds RV Park 239 Lincoln Rd W Vallejo, CA (707) 643-4000 
Twin Bridges Mobile Home Park 1113 Pine St Vallejo, CA (707) 644-3839 
Vallejo Mobile Estates 285 Lincoln Rd W Vallejo, CA (707) 644-4647 
Vista Vallejo Trailer Park 1161 Benicia Rd # 1 Vallejo, CA (707) 552-9831
408 Area Code
Ace Trailer of Inn Village 2800 Monterey Highway, San Jose, CA 408 225-3204
Bella Rosa Mobilodge 1500 Virginia Place, San Jose, CA 408 923-3066
California Hawaiian Mobile 3637 Snell Avenue, San Jose, CA 408 227-0330
Caribees Mobile Home Park 411 Lewis Road, San Jose, CA 408 629-0624
Casa Del Lago Mobile Home Park 2151 Oakland Road, San Jose, CA 408 432-1323
Chateau La Salle 2681 Monterey Highway, San Jose, CA 408 298-3230
Colonial Mobile Manor 3300 Narvaez Avenue, San Jose, CA 408 269-4404
Cottage Trailer Grove 111 Barnard Avenue, San Jose, CA 408 294-3811
County Fair Mobile Estate 270 Umbarger Road, San Jose, CA 408 225-4333
Coyote Creek Mobile Home Park 2580 Senter Road, San Jose, CA 408 279-0925
Eastridge Mobile Estates 1955 Quimby Road, San Jose, CA 408 251-1401
Garden City Trailer Park 1309 Oakland Road, San Jose, CA 408 279-9981
Golden Wheel Park 1450 Oakland Road, San Jose, CA 408 453-3575
Hilton Mobile Park 661 Bonita Avenue, San Jose, CA 408 297-2363
Imperial San Jose Mobile Estates  5770 Winfield Boulevard, San Jose, CA 408 227-1390
Friendly Village of Milpitas 120 Dixon Landing Road, Milpitas, CA 408 263-1120
Mobilodge of Milpitas 1515 North Milpitas Boulevard, Milpitas, CA 408 262-2484
Pioneer Mobile Home Park 60 Wilson Way, Milpitas, CA 408 262-4230
La Buona Vita-Mobile Park 445 North Capitol Avenue, San Jose, CA 408 923-3119
Lamplighter San Jose 4201 North 1st Street, San Jose, CA 408 321-9331
Magic Sands 165 Blossom Hill Road, San Jose, CA 408 225-1010
Mayfair Trailor Park 1840 South 7th Street, San Jose, CA 408 294-1707
Mill Pond 2320 Canoas Garden Avenue, San Jose, CA 408 267-9790
Mobilehome Manor & R V. 1300 East San Antonio Street, San Jose, CA 408 294-6789
Mobilepark West II 500 Nicholson Lane, San Jose, CA 408 432-7440
Mobilepark West Three Family 100 Nicholson Lane, San Jose, CA 408 432-1770
Monterey Oaks Mobile Home Park 6130 Monterey Highway, San Jose, CA 408 225-1475
Moss Creek 2929 Aborn Square Road, San Jose, CA 408 274-5600
Mountain Shadows 633 Shadow Creek Drive, San Jose, CA408 269-9090
Mountain Springs 625 Hillsdale Avenue, San Jose, CA 408 266-7611
Oak Crest Estates 4271 North 1st Street, San Jose, CA 408 321-9499
Old Orchard Mobile Park 2135 Little Orchard Street, San Jose, CA 408 292-4359
Parish Land Company 2875 Moorpark Avenue, San Jose, CA 408 241-8250
Pepper Tree Estates 2150 Monterey Highway, San Jose, CA 408 275-0588
Rancho Santa Teresa 510 Saddle Brook Drive, San Jose, CA408 227-9033
Quail Hollow 1445 South Bascom Avenue, San Jose, CA 408 371-0116
Rancho Santa Teresa Mobile Estate 5101 Monterey Highway, San Jose, CA 408 227-9033
Redwood Mobile Home Park 2745 Monterey Highway, San Jose, CA 408 227-8591
River Glen Mobile Park 2150 Almaden Road, San Jose, CA 408 269-2367
Riverbend Family Park 1358 Oakland Road, San Jose, CA   408 453-5666
San Jose Mobile Homes 540 Bonita Avenue, San Jose, CA 408 292-9694
San Jose Trailer Park 527 McLaughlin Avenue, San Jose, CA 408 292-8942
San Jose Verde Mobile Home Park 555 Umbarger Road, San Jose, CA 408 295-3342
Silver Creek Mobile Estates 1520 East Capitol Expressway, San Jose, CA 408 274-5455
Sleepy Hollow Trailer Court 4210 Monterey Highway, San Jose, CA 408 227-8873
South Bay Mobile Home Park 1350 Oakland Road, San Jose, CA 408 453-8131
Spanish Cove Mobile Home Park 2600 Senter Road, San Jose, CA 408 275-9360
Sunset Mobile Manor 555 McLaughlin Avenue, San Jose, CA 408 297-0360
Sunshadow Mobilehome 1350 Panoche Avenue, San Jose, CA 408 293-9317
Town & Country Mobile Village 195 Blossom Hill Road, San Jose, CA 408 225-3165
Trailer Tel  1212 Oakland Road, San Jose, CA 408 453-3535
Trailer Terrace 3010 Monterey Highway, San Jose, CA   408 629-2424
Triangle Trailer Court  1410 North 10th Street, San Jose, CA  408 275-6771
Twin Palms Trailer Court 2774 Monterey Highway, San Jose, CA   408 227-8645
Villa Teresa Mobile Community 5680 Santa Teresa Boulevard, San Jose, CA408 226-1900
Village of The Four Seasons 200 Ford Road, San Jose, CA   408 225-7255
Walnut Mobile Home Park 4320 Monterey Highway, San Jose, CA 408 225-2441
Western Trailer Park  2784 Monterey Highway, San Jose, CA  408  227-8473
Whispering Hills Mobile Home 2780 East Capitol Expressway, San Jose, CA408  274-4233
Willow Glen Mobile Estates 1850 Evans Lane OFC, San Jose, CA  408  264-5020
Winchester Ranch Mobile Home 500 Charles Cali Drive, San Jose, CA  408 249-7661
Woodbridge 3051 Towers Lane, San Jose, CA  408 274-7500
415 Area Code
Andry's Trailer Park 3800 Bayshore Blvd Brisbane, CA (415) 467-9020 
Contempo-Marin Mobile Home Pk 400 Yosemite Rd San Rafael, CA (415) 479-6816 
Golden Gate Trailer Court 2000 Redwood Hwy Greenbrae, CA (415) 924-0683 
Los Robles Mobile Home Park 100 Roblar Dr Novato, CA (415) 883-6771 
Marin Park 2140 Redwood Hwy Greenbrae, CA (415) 461-5199 
Marin Valley Mobile Country 100 Marin Valley Dr Novato, CA (415) 883-5911 
R V Park Of San Rafael 742 Francisco Blvd W San Rafael, CA (415) 456-5260 
Silver Penny RV Park 7060 Redwood Blvd Novato, CA (415) 892-3701 
925 Area Code
VINEYARD VILLA  3263 VINEYARD AVE  Pleasanton  Ron 925 846 5336 
Pleasanton Mobilehome Park 4202 STANLEY BLVD Pleasanton, CA 94566  925-846-3073
FAIRVIEW   785 ROSE AVE Pleasanton Mr Gil 925 328 0827  F
HACIENDA MOBILE HOME 3231 VINEYARD RD Pleasanton 925 846 1527  S
Park Royale 2050 MONUMENT BLVD Pleasant Hill, CA 94523  925-685-7559
Del Val MHP 1148 ARROYO RD   Livermore, CA 94550     925-447-2399
Hillview Trailer Ct 1412 PORTOLA  Livermore, CA 94550   925-443-3555
Livermore Trailer Ranch 1037 AIR WAY Livermore, CA 94550   925-447-0304
Lonesome Dove Estates 828 OLIVINA AVE  Livermore, CA 94550   925-449-1315
SUNRISE MHP 856 SUNDIAL CIR Livermore Marilyn O'Brien 925 443 6293 F
SUN VALLEY MOB 835 E AIRWAY BLVD Livermore  Kathy 925 447-2220   F
Vasco MHP 6539 S FRONT RD   LIVERMORE, CA 94550   925-447-0758
THE TREES 1310 MONUMENT BLVD Concord, CA 94520 Concord Susan  925 686-1711  F
Towne and Country MHP  1060 San Miguel Rd.  Concord, CA  94518 Frank 925 689 5551
ADOBE MOBILE LOD 3120 GRANT ST Concord George 925 687 4038  F
Brookview  Park  1201 MONUMENT BLVD Concord, CA 94520  925-682-0433
Concord Gardens 3161 TERRAZA DEL SOL Concord, CA 94520  925-687-1074
Concord MHP 1056 SAN MIGUEL RD Concord, CA 94518    925-685-7851
Diablo Lodge 1146 MEADOW LN  Concord, CA 94520   925-685-0519
Sunny Acres  1080 SAN MIGUEL RD, Concord, CA 94518  925-895-8110
Victoria Mobile Village 1938 ARNOLD INDUSTRIAL PL Concord, CA 94520    925-689-7622
Vista Del Monte 2351 MONUMENT BLVD  Concord, CA 94520   925-223-0969
Willow Pass 3466 WILLOW PASS RD  Concord, CA 94520    925-825-3243

1570 WILLOW PASS RD PITTSBURG, CA 94565  (925) 432-6234

875 STONEMAN AVE  PITTSBURG, CA 94565  (925) 439-9010   S

CANAL RD & EMERALD COVE DR  PITTSBURG, CA 94565  (925) 458-0885


1515 POLARIS DR PITTSBURG, CA 94565 (925) 439-2107

Should you find a park that is not listed or has changed their phone number please let me know and I will be glad to update my page.

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