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How to Prepare your Home to Sell
Provided by Scott Harrison local Realtor

Getting a home ready to sell takes planning preparation and in most cases work.  In this changing market what was the hot selling remodel styles yesteryear can be a turn off today. A good source of input would be your local real estate expert. They see buyers reactions to style and amenities every time they show property. 

First there is no one correct answer to what all buyers want.  Ideally we should choose a Theme that will attract the most buyers who are willing to pay top dollar.  Doing this with as little trouble and money spent on the selling side takes lots of incite and experience. 

You can begin by evaluating  closet/storage space, determine which areas you can cut-down your clutter. Go through old clothes, shoes, etc., and get rid of anything that will you have not used in the last year ( your moving and there is a reason you have not used that item ). Consider organizing shelves and other areas to make better use of your storage space. Also, try to throw out or give away any old furniture that you do not intend to take to your new home. All of the discarded items can be given to Good Will, Salvation Army or even sold at a yard sale.

Another challenge will be how to showing all your home's space using decor and natural lighting.  Once you've eliminated the unwanted items and furniture, begin the 'renovation' process.   Some homes could use a little more decor, consider adding a small bookshelf complemented with a cozy reading chair. Always be sure you're filtering as much light into your property as possible. Open or replace curtains. For example, light from a window overlooking the backyard offers a room more color, a great view and the illusion of more space.

Always maximize the potential of existing decor; wash old curtains or consider blinds instead, re-stain old wood casings, anything that refreshes and emphasizes all the potential of the space and decor of the home.

Prospective buyers are often more drawn to homes with features that they don't have, those with clutter-free closets, open sunny rooms, and cozy little corners. To ensure you've realized all of the above characteristics the last step should be to bring in a friend and observe their reaction. Make sure it's an honest friend, who will offer suggestions as well as notice the improvements. Seeing your own home through someone else's eyes is a great way to make a home optimally attractive and more sellable to prospective buyers.

Outside is where buyers get the first impression.  Do not forget when you see a wonderful place you expect the inside to be wonderful also.

 This may feel all this is too much to take on and I can assist you.  As an agent I offer any tips that will expedite the sale and make the sales experience more enjoyable and less stressful.   I have lists of haulers, liquidators, cleaners, gardeners, landscapers, Homes staggers and handy men to help you with moving forward. 

.Also I do sell homes without being cleared out or fixed up and have buyers who pay big money for filthy homes in disrepair.  Even sold one that was jacked up with no foundation, electrical or plumbing. 

More about selling AS IS or fixing it up first

A no obligation free market evaluation is always just an e-mail or phone call away.   Scott Harrison   510-388-4536  Text me if you prefer. 

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