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Help Renters and Landlords Understand Rent Control, Rental Review and Rental Business Tax in Communities of the East Bay

Rent control is a system of laws, administered by a court or
 a public authority, which aim to ensure the quality and affordability 
of housing and tenancies on the rental market for land. 
For a list of city regulations please click here

2019  Governor Newsom signed into law several bills that directly impact rental housing:  New Statewide Rental Housing Laws

AB 1482 establishes statewide rent control and just-cause eviction requirements for all rental properties with the exception of single family homes and condominiums not owned by a corporation.
SB 329 prevents landlords from refusing to rent to tenants who have a Section 8 housing voucher.
AB 1110 requires landlords to give tenants a 90-day notice if their rent will be increased more than 10% during a 12-month period.
SB 644 creates a new cap on the security deposits and other protections for active-duty members of the armed forces.

         Locally The 2 areas I covered here are:
1. Business License charged to rental property owners by city's 
2. Rental income revenue charged to land lords by city's 

These cities are imposing a Business tax on Land Lords to raise money and better monitor rental conditions in their jurisdictions. 

Oakland  Ca.  initial $88.00 Registration Fee to obtain a business tax certificate.   
San Leandro, Ca.  $128.20 + 11.50 per unit.
Union City, Ca.
Hayward, Ca.
Emeryville, Ca. Landlord Business License cost $57.00 
Berkeley if building Commercial  yes and if 3 or more units. 
El Cereto Ca. 
Pittsburg, Ca. Rental property inspection program
Antioch  Ca. $250.00 for a rental or $150 for each unit if multiple owned
Brentwood, Ca.  $41.89  Gross rent Flat rate up too $330,000 changes above that.


Some Cities tax the Land Lord on the income they receive from their rentals.  

Oakland, Ca.... The tax is based on annual gross rental income at a rate of $13.95 per $1,000 of gross rental income.

Emeryville, Ca....There is a Residential Landlord Business License cost $57.00 plus 0.001 X  Gross Annual Rent assessment.

Daily City, Ca....they ask owners to supply schedule C of  Federal income tax return.  To figure tax Take Gross rental ___ x 0.005  =___ tax due.  City office phone  650-991-5700 

Brentwood, Ca.  Flat rate $100.00 with Gross rent up too $333,333.00, terms change above that.

More information on each East Bay community can be found at City Demographics page.

Rental Review Boards look at capping rent raises which can be binding or advisory.  Some cites with over site on Rental issues between renters and land lords are:

City of Berkeley Ca. has some of the most extensive rental regulations in California.  .  Like the Tenant Buyout ORDINANCE enacted April 30, 2016.  

San Leandro Ca. has a Rent Review Advisory Committee.
Alameda Ca  has a Rent Review Advisory Committee.
Fremont Ca. Provide steps to resolve rent increase disputes. 
Hayward Ca.  Stabilizing rent increases for certain tenants.

More information on each East Bay community can be 
found at City Demographics page.


California State Wide Changes in Rental Land Lord Tenant Law Concerning Evictions, Security Deposit, Walk through Inspections, Written Notices, Definition for Security Deposits , When 60 Day Notice to Vacate Required are all reviewed at This link  

Is your rental exempt from local rental restrictions?  The State created some housing types and scenarios that creates exemptions from city rent control by establishing in the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act implemented 1995 state wide in California.
City of Oakland has a page out ling their exemptions from their Rent Control ordnances.  

California Laws Affecting Rental Property: Walk through, return of security deposits, enter the rental unit without written notice and other  Changes at this link

Alameda County passed rent increase restrictions for Mobile home parks

Find rental forms  Rental Agreements, Rental Application,  Pet Agreement, Sublease Agreement, Lead Paint Disclosure, Property Condition Report,  etc.

An organizations that may interest owners is the East Bay Rental Housing Association (EBRHA) is a full-service nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting fair, safe and well-maintained residential rental housing that is compliant with local ordinances and state/federal laws. 
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